Gregory J. Statesman

Gregory J. Statesman  Age: 33  Tour: Unknown  End of Watch: August 25, 2013

Gregory J. Statesman

Age: 33

Tour: Unknown

End of Watch: August 25, 2013

Greg was a successful United States Border Patrol Agent stationed in Douglas, AZ and was a dedicated member of the elite Quick Response Team. His ultimate dream was to be part of BORTAC (Border Patrol Tactical Unit). He was also a proud veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, where he was stationed at Marblehead, OH. Greg was a 1998 graduate of Tipp City High School and attended Sinclair Community College, where he was in pursuit of his desired passion of cars. Most of all Greg set the standard of fatherhood; he provided strength and wisdom and always set the example. He was dedicated to family and friends. Without question, he would do anything at a drop of a hat for anyone. He had an infectious smile that will never be forgotten. Greg was an amazing, loving husband who will be deeply missed and loved unconditionally forever. His love and strength was embedded and will be carried on forever.

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Kris Gungon

Kris Gungon  Age: 31  tour: Unknown  End of Watch: May 19, 2013

Kris Gungon

Age: 31

tour: Unknown

End of Watch: May 19, 2013

Kris was born to Ronnie and Josie Gungon in San Diego. He grew up in Rancho Bernardo and graduated from Rancho Bernardo High School in 1999. Despite being the youngest of 4 children, he was often looked up to and respected by his own siblings for his actions and life choices. While working a part time job at Boudin’s Sourdough Bakery and Cafe at the North County Fair, he met Denise Lansang, his girlfriend and future wife.

After high school, Kris attended California State University Los Angeles, where he graduated in Fire Protection and Administration. Kris returned to San Diego to work as a Customs and Border Protection Agent in San Ysidro before becoming a US Border Patrol Agent in 2009, stationed in El Centro, CA. Kris loved working as a Border Patrol Agent, patrolling the desert of Imperial County, and protecting his country.

But Kris loved his family even more and in 2011, Kris and Denise were married and settled in El Centro. In December of 2012, Kris and Denise were blessed with Evangeline Rose Gungon.

Kris was an amazing father to Evan and a loving and protective husband to Denise. Denise often referred to him affectionately as her “Bodyguard”. Kris loved being a new father and husband and as soon as Evan came into their lives, they knew they wanted more children.

On his days off, no time was wasted. When Kris wasn’t singing to Evan or taking Denise shopping, he spent his free time among his close circle of friends enjoying craft beer, snowboarding, and shooting rifles. Kris also made it a point to spend time with his extensive extended family in San Diego during their frequent gatherings for birthday celebrations. He would enjoy speaking with his Grandparents and loved the smile brought to his grandfather’s face when he would bring Evan to him.

Kris’ legacy will continue in the life of his daughter Evan. We will all be reminded of Kris whenever we look into her eyes. She is truly her father’s daughter. His wife Denise, parents, Ronnie, Josie, Danny and Nellie, siblings Joy, Kay, and Geronimo, and brothers in law, Francis and Neil, will all remind Evan what an amazing father, husband, son, brother, and friend Kris was.

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