The Fallen Agents Fund is a charitable organization with the goal of aiding and assisting the families of fallen Border Patrol Agents, whether they fell in the line of duty or off duty. The Fallen Agents Fund is a 501(c)(3) charity that has been working to improve the lives of the families of fallen agents. With your help we can assist the families of those who have given the greatest sacrifice in service to our nation.

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Fallen Agents Fund is part of the Combined Federal Campaign, making year long donations easier than ever. Just sign up at and search for CFC number 75034. You can also search for us by name. Giving ends 11 January 2019.


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Fallen Agents Fund Tee-Shirts

Profits from T-shirt sales go to the Fallen Agents Funds efforts to help, aid and comfort the families of fallen Border Patrol Agents. These T-shirts are made from the finest of materials and supplied by the most patriotic clothing company we could find, Grunt Style. Whether your rocking it in the gym or the work place you're bound to turn heads.


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Fallen Agents Fund on the Green Line


Check out episode 232 with guest Mike Matzke from Fallen Agents Fund. Topics include the creation of Fallen Agents Fund, our new tee-shirts, the 2018 Christmas present drive and how to find the Fallen Agents Fund on the Combined Federal Campaign. Click on the picture or click here to listen.

Help The Ornelas Family

RGC Station lost one of its own agents yesterday evening as a result of a tragic motor vehicle accident on Highway 359 in Webb County, approximately four miles east of Oilton, Texas. 

BPA Jorge Ornelas was assigned to the Rio Grande Valley Sector / Rio Grande City Station as a Border Patrol Agent and was a member of Border Patrol Class 606.

RGC BP MWR will give 100% of your donations to BPA Ornelas’ family for assistance with bereavement and other incidental expenses during this devastating time.

No amount is too small and as always, we appreciate you for all your assistance.

All donated funds will be directly deposited into BPA Ornelas' family account

We hope and pray that the Ornelas family are able to utilize these donated funds to help alleviate funeral expenses. We humbly ask for your assistance with this tragic loss and ask that you please keep the Ornelas Family in your prayers.

Help CAX BPA James Ammons' family

CAX BPA James Ammon passed away today (July 1st 2018) due to his fight with cancer. Click the picture or our link at the bottom to go to his go fund me page. Every little bit helps his family in their time of mourning.

Go to James Ammon Go Fund Me

If you would like to donate to the family through Fallen Agents Fund you can click the button below.

Donate to Ammon

help the Baxa family

Donate to baxa

Please help us honor this fallen Agent by honoring his family. Click on the donate to Baxa button to give to this family.

Diego Gonzalez Baxa, age 53, of San Ysidro, California passed away on Wednesday January 24, 2018. Diego was born November 13, 1964. He was called to heaven on January 24, 2018. He was married to Lourdes and they had a beautiful daughter, Allison. He was a loving son to his mother Sofia and father Alejo. He was an amazing brother to his sister Francisca and five brothers, Alex, Ignacio, Domingo, Ramon and Bobby. He graduated from Brawley Union High School and California State Northridge. He served with the United States Border Patrol for 22 years. His kind and joyous spirit will always be with us.

Help the Francos' go to Youcaring and donate

Click on the image to donate.

Click on the image to donate.

This tradegy happened two days before Christmas and one day before Alex and Jo’s fifth wedding anniversary. Evelyn's second birthday will be celebrated on January 9th. Please help this family in their time of need.

On December 23, 2017, at approximately 12 o'clock noon, Alex Franco took his Motorcycle out for a ride on SR 74 (Ortega Highway) from Lake Elsinore, CA. At 1:11 p.m., Alex was taking a blind turn near mile marker 16 eastbound and got into the opposing lane. He was struck head on by a SUV. He died instantly. The other driver did not receive any injuries. Alex is survived by his wife Jo, his son Alex Jr, and his daughter Evelyn.

2017 Christmas Present Drive

Thanks to everyone who donated this year, our Station Representatives and our Volunteers. Together we delivered more than 400 presents to the Children of our fallen Agents. Go to the Present Drive page to see the rest of the videos.


Thanks to Stay Ready Gear for sponsoring the Fallen Agents Fund

Stay Ready Gear is BPA owned and BPA operated. Along with that, its' the official holster company of Fallen Agents Fund. 5% of all transactions are donated to the families of fallen Border Patrol Agents. Stay ready, be ready and use Stay Ready Gear.

Help BPA Mark Wheeler beat cancer

Family and friends pray for the speedy recovery of Mark Gregory Wheeler. Mark was recently diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic lung cancer. We are all still processing the news.  From what started as back pain, resulted in extensive spinal surgery, to the fight of his life.  Anyone that knows him will say without hesitation, that Mark is such a great person…a family man with a kind heart and generous disposition.  He’s a private person, so agreeing to allow us to start this campaign must have been a tough decision...

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