History of Fallen Agents fund

The Fallen Agents Fund began in 2014 when a group of Border Patrol Agents decided to put on a Christmas present drive as a show of remembrance and support for the children of fallen Border Patrol Agents. The Fallen Agents Fund started with the help of Agents from a single station and a list that contained the names of twenty-four children of fallen Agents from the local area. When we saw how receptive the Border Patrol community was to the idea, we started working on the Fallen Agents Fund in an effort to expand the project and pursue official 501(c)(3) status. The next year, we expanded the present drive to four locations and improved our list to thirty-nine children. Thanks to the generous efforts of Border Patrol Agents in California, Arizona and Texas, Fallen Agents Fund collected and delivered one hundred ninety-two presents to the children of fallen Border Patrol Agents. This served as a wonderful reminder to the children and spouses of our fallen brothers and sisters, that they have not been forgotten.

We have since been granted 501(c)(3) status. Everyone who sits on our Board of Directors is either a Line Agent or a Combat Vet. In 2016 we collected two-hundred fifty-two presents for seventy-two children of fallen Border Patrol Agents.

In 2017 we obtained a spot on the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Our CFC number is 75034. After obtaining that spot we went on to expand our charitable efforts. We began collecting funds for recently deceased Agents to help the families with funerary costs. Many of these cases can be seen in the events tab of our website.

For the 2017 Present Drive we expanded trees to 10 locations and expanded our list of children to 80. In the end we collected and gave over 400 presents to the children of fallen Border Patrol Agents in 2017.

In 2018 Fallen Agents Fund collected over 500 presents for 98 Children of fallen Border Patrol Agents. We appreciate all the help from Line Agents, the Union, The Green Line, Management, the Brushdawgs and Peer Support. Thanks to everyone who gave on the CFC and on our website.