Take Action

If you're interested in helping the Fallen Agents Fund, there are various ways to do so. Below we have listed the most viable options to assist in caring for those who have sacrificed for our country and border security. The Fallen Agents Fund has taken great care in ensuring that these options are as streamlined as possible while simultaneously delivering as much impact as possible.

1. Donate to Fallen Agents Fund

Donating to Fallen Agents Fund is the most powerful and direct way to contribute to the families of fallen Border Patrol Agents. Donated funds help in 2 different areas. First, funds help with the logistics of the Fallen Agents Present Drive. While obtaining presents is important, the distribution of them is a more complicated process that in many cases calls for monetary expenditure to get the presents where they need to go. Second, donations given to Fallen Agents Fund are put into a relief fund that can be used when an Agent dies. Losing a loved one is a horrible and debilitating experience. Fallen Agents Fund's goal is to make that time just a little bit easier.


2. Donate to an Agents family

Donating to an Agents family has never been easier. Simply go to our Memoriam page, select an Agent and go to the bottom of their profile. Click of the "Donate to" button. When you donate to an Agent we will send your money to the family of the Agent.

3. Bring a Present to the Fallen Agents Present Drive

Donating gifts through the present drive is one of the most rewarding giving experiences. From picking out a name on the tree, to buying just the right gift. Participating in the present drive is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit. In the end, when all the presents have been distributed, there’s no better feeling than knowing you spread some cheer to the families of those who paid the ultimate price for our country.


4. Become a Station Representative

Fallen Agents Fund is a continuously expanding project and people are our greatest asset. Becoming a Station Representative is very easy and a great way to help. All you have to do is go to our contact us page and send us a message (make sure that the "become a Station Rep" box is checked).  While essential to the Fallen Agents Fund's goal, Station Representatives can work on an extremely flexible schedule. Tasks include putting up posters supplied by Fallen Agents Fund , as well as making announcements at musters during the CFC campaign and present drive. The Fallen Agents Fund has made sure that the Station Representative position requires a minimum amount of work with a maximum amount of impact.